Kansas City Juggling Festival 2013

Unbeknownst to many, the 2013 festival brought us the French hairdryer fiasco when we became suddenly aware of the differences in voltages between France and the USA. Some last-minute wiring and a generator rental did the trick, though, and the show was saved. In the gym, we got to learn about nutritional juggler food (Baretta Schmeissner), try our hands at aerial silks (Robin Rosenberger, and find out about jugglers in Tonga (Connie “Paprika” Leaverton). And Renegade earned itself its own stage at Ryan Bradburn’s house.

The KCJF2013 basics:

The “Kansas City Juggling Festival Main Show”, Saturday at 7 pm:

Program (PDF)

Performer Act
Scott Burton Emcee
Blizzard Concept Co. (Antoine Terrieux & Julien Mandier) Juggling, ping pong balls, and hair dryers (240v, FYI)
Nick Laffey 3-club juggling and kick-ups
Jeremy Johnson Vehicle transfers: unicycle, stool, and tube
Savannah Miller Baton
Chris Neff Spin tops
Peter Nestler Jump rope and unicycle
Eric Tranton Yoyo
Rockhurst High School Juggling Club Passing and team juggling