Kansas City Juggling Festival 2014

In 2014, we doubled-up on headliners, with Team RootBerry, as well as Emil Dahl and his magnetic clubs. Workshops got interesting with straight razors (Ryan Bradburn), a foray into circlespace (Andrew Olson), and spin tops — to include their own competition (Nick Civitello).

The KCJF2014 basics:

  • 12-14 Sept 2014
  • Rockhurst High School (9301 State Line Rd, Kansas City, MO 64114)
  • Facebook event (fest)

The “Kansas City Juggling Festival Main Show”, Saturday at 7:30 pm:

Program 1 (PDF)
Program 2 (PDF)

Performer Act
Jason Divad Emcee
Team RootBerry (Jonathon Root & Bill Berry) Variety juggling and comedy
Emil Dahl Technical juggling
Bekah Hammond Club juggling
Savannah Miller Baton
Noah Schmeissner Technical juggling
Joseph “YoYo Joe” Harris Yoyo
Rockhurst High School Juggling Club Passing and team juggling