Kansas City Juggling Festival 2015

The hilarious Hermanos Bravisimo had us in stitches in 2015, as they played off of Matt Hall, our emcee. We got nerdy in the gym, learning Prechac notation and seeking the Holy Grail (Jeff Lutkus), coffee bean roasting (John Hunter), and lockpicking (Garrett Woodford). And, of course, everyone’s favorite: Twerkshop. It’s exactly what it sounds like.

The KCJF2015 basics:

The “Kansas City Juggling Festival Main Show”, Saturday at 7:30 pm:

Facebook event (show)
Program (PDF)

Performer Act
Matt Hall Emcee
Los Hermanos Bravisimo Clowning, juggling, unicycling
Luna Breeze Hula hoops
Duo DAF (Nick Milan & Daniela Garza Rios) Acro and aerial trapeze
Kansas City Chinese School (Megan, Sophie, and Sienna) Diabolo
Noah Schmeissner Technical juggling
Rockhurst High School Juggling Club Passing and team juggling