Kansas City Juggling Festival 2016

2016 was the year of our all-women’s show. Our very own Rosetta Sisters hosted a cast full of amazingly talented women from all over the country. The only exception, was the act in which the gals of St. Teresa’s Academy swept the guys of the Rockhurst High School Juggling Club off stage. In our workshops, we learned to solve a Rubik’s cube (Emma Gustavson), how to tumble (Heath Holloway), and climbed aerial silks to new heights (Robin Rosenberger).

The KCJF2016 basics:

  • 23-25 Sept 2016
  • Rockhurst High School (9301 State Line Rd, Kansas City, MO 64114)
  • Facebook event (fest)

The “Great Kansas City Circus Show”, Saturday at 7:30 pm:

Performer Act
Rosetta Sisters (Robin Rosenberger & Nadine Civitello) Emcees
Ariane Oechsner & Roxana Küwen Acro, dance, ball juggling
Cate Great Acro, rola bola multi-stack, juggling
Ellen Winters Juggling
Andrea Noel Balloon art, puppetry
Allison Anderson Baton
Bekah Hammond Unicycle, juggling
Rockhurst High School Juggling Club Passing and team juggling