Kansas City Juggling Festival 2018

Dubbed KCJFX in honor of our 10th year hosting the Kansas City Juggling Festival, 2018’s festival was a time to get nostalgic. We looked deep into the history of juggling and circus arts in the Kansas City area, asking attendees to help create a historical timeline of juggling in the region. In workshops, we learned how to make Green Clubs and finger propellers, as well as all about Practical Knottiness. Then in the Great Kansas City Circus Show, we blended Kansas City Juggling Culture Pioneers with other contemporary circus artists from around the country.

KCJFX poster

The KCJF2018 basics:

  • 21-23 Sept 2018
  • Rockhurst High School (9301 State Line Rd, Kansas City, MO 64114)
  • Facebook event (fest)


The “Great Kansas City Circus Show”, Saturday at 7:30 pm:

Performer Act
Jester RejectsKC Juggling Culture Pioneer Emcees
Maxim Panteleenko Aerial straps
Brian WendlingKC Juggling Culture Pioneer Variety juggling
Jay & LeslieKC Juggling Culture Pioneer Clowning
Noel Kunz Yoyo
Rod SipeKC Juggling Culture Pioneer Magic and sideshow arts
Leela Mae Hoop
Eric Jackson Technical juggling
Rockhurst High School Juggling Club Passing and team juggling