Kansas City Juggling Festival 2019

The 11th KCJF was another fine weekend of juggling, we all went to a club crawl afterwards and it was amazing. Amidst the full load of workshops, we snuck in a bit more music with “Twanging the Day Away- Introduction to Jaw Harp”, got introduce to D&D character building, and learned three-way competition in the sport of Kin Ball. We learned that juggling ice balls was really hard (and cold!), then observed Galen perform an entire routine around them. Anni Küpper performed magical juggling acts, Tuey Wilson showed off impressive ball spinning, and Norsefyre brought two impressive aerial acts. All of this under Biz the Clown’s excellent emceeing in the KCJF Main Stage! This was the first year we hosted the Renegade after part at Governor Stumpy’s, too, which went off without a hitch.

The KCJF2019 basics:

The “KCJF Main Stage!”, Saturday at 7:30 pm:

Performer Act
Biz the Clown Emcee
Anni Küpper Conceptual juggling
Tuey Wilson Comic stunt juggling
Galen Harp Ice ball juggling
Norsefyre Aerial arts